ASPERIA 401(k)
The Ideal Platform for Retirement Plans

ASPERIA 401(k) is designed to work in conjunction with the services of a Financial Advisor. You may choose any Financial Advisor regardless of broker/dealer affiliation or RIA status.

We take pride in operating an Open Architecture Platform which gives retirement plan professionals and their client’s complete freedom to select from best-in-class offerings including:

  • Access to virtually any (no-load and load-waived) mutual fund that is traded via NSCC, as well as ETF’s, Collective Investment Funds/ Trusts and Separate Accounts
  • Freedom from any artificial imposition of any proprietary fund requirement
  • Autonomy to create an investment line-up that is customized to the unique needs of the Plan
  • Customized, daily valuation recordkeeping technology that is designed to support model portfolios that may be constructed with core and/or non-core investment options
  • Automated processes move from proposal to plan set-up within minutes
  • Access to real-time plan and participant level reports
  • Personalized participant education & information
  • Built in compliance & fiduciary features

ASPERIA 401(k) offers an efficient administrative process that automates day-to-day plan management functions, eliminates burdensome paperwork, and greatly reduces the time required to manage a plan.