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Who We Are

ASPERIA Retirement Plan Solutions is a national Third Party Administration firm that provides Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Administration services for small to mid-size employers. We can create a successful retirement plan solution for you, that will maximize your tax benefits and minimize your administration time.

Our team of experienced administrators stays on top of the constant changes in IRS and DOL regulations for you, and keeps your plan in compliance. You save time and money. We perform an annual review, including the required annual non-discrimination testing. Above that, we will monitor contribution limits, track vesting, reconcile plan contributions, calculate Profit Sharing contributions, and prepare your annual Form 5500 to be filed with the IRS.

ASPERIA provides its plan administrators with cutting-edge technical resources and ongoing education. We can design a program that will give you and your employees a retirement plan that works for today and provides for the future.

With ASPERIA as your partner, you can expect success: a well managed, compliant retirement plan, freeing you from worries over IRS and DOL requirements.