Defined Contribution Plans

Through Defined Contribution Plans, Plan Sponsors can define their financial commitment by structuring discretionary profit-sharing plans or matching 401(k) plan contributions. Plan Sponsors receive an income tax benefit in the form of a deduction for employer and employee contributions.

Document Services Provided by ASPERIA

  • Preparation of Adoption Agreement, Plan Document, and resolutions to adopt the plan
  • Provide Summary Plan Description

Compliance Services

  • Form 5500 preparation and related schedules
  • Form 1099-R, 1096 and 945
  • Voluntary compliance programs
  • DOL & IRS audit assistance

Compliance Testing

  • Average Deferral Percentage & Average Contribution Percentage Testing (ADP & ACP)
  • General nondiscrimination (401(a)(4))
  • Minimum coverage (410(b))
  • Top-heavy testing

Monitoring of Limits

  • Compensation limits
  • Salary deferral limits (402(g))
  • Annual additions (415)
  • Maximum deductable contribution limits

In addition to the above services we will work side-by-side with your record keeper to ensure proper implementation and operation of your plan.